A Reliable Internet Solution

Are you tired of your current internet provider? Connect Alabama is working to find a solution to providing high-speed, reliable internet to our Blounty County community at an affordable price!

The Current Coverage

The current population of Blount County is over 57,000 people but only a small percentage of those people have reliable internet.

Slower Speeds

For every 1,000 people, LESS than 200 of those have a speed higher than 10Mbps

Below Average Speed

The AVERAGE speed in Alabama overall is 33Mbps

Low Coverage

About 11,400 people, or 1/5th of the population have internet and it's roughly 3 times SLOWER than the state average

What Blount County Is Losing

  • Jobs provided by any business that requires high speed internet to operate
  • Distribution Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Proper education for the youth because they do not have access to commonly used technology
  • Residential access to internet because it’s either not offered or it’s too expensive
  • Overall lack of internet options and service